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As an internationally recognised KEVLAR® expert, we feel obliged to develop excellent and high quality special materials of aramid fibres for the most diverse hazardous situations man and machine are exposed to in everyday life. Therefore we consider safety an unconditional promise, in particular when it is comes to controlling and preventing heat, flames, cuts, stings, sparks, splinters, abrasion and liquid metal fragments.

Heat, cut and abrasion protection for man and machine!

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You are interested in getting a first-hand impression of INVENTEX® Here you will find an overview of our trade fair dates.

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Spezialtextilwerk Funke
Luisenburgstraße 3
D - 95032 Hof/Saale

Tel +49(0)9281 73 80 83
Fax +49(0)9281 73 80 84

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More information about industry-specific application areas of our specialty materials available here.

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