Knitting and weaving are the crafting basic concepts of our business. However, the technology of a special material already starts with the fibrous raw material and with the selection of the suitable spinning process. Practical experience, knowledge of engineering processes and the openness to crazy ideas characterise our INVENTEX® team. The strict restriction to our core competence "heat, cut and abrasion protection" zeros in all our efforts on the best possible niche product. Combined with our machine park which was particularly designed for the processing of Kevlar? and our in-house laboratory, we offer outstanding product and service opportunities. Customers in over 25 countries rely on these.


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With the new brand Inwooltex we have combined the old knowledge about the outstanding flame retardency and comfort of the wool from the highlands with the outstanding properties of modern Kevlar® fibers. Together with a well experienced partner we have reanimated old processing and chemistry to high class woollen fabrics with the strength and cut resistance of Kevlar®. Woven and knitted fabrics which exceeds today’s fabrics and which will pick up to 30 % humidity and never feels wet. Just though across and combining longtime experience with state of the art Kevlar®. That is where our name INVENTEX® stands for.

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