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The name Inventex® is the first address for customised special materials made of the high-tech fibres NOMEX®, KEVLAR® and PANOX® which are used in protective clothing, gloves, bellows and many other niche products.

Nomex ®

Nomex ®

Meta – aramide fiber from DuPont. The fiber is permanent flame retardant (LOI = 29) and needs neither chemical treatments nor special finish to keep its properties throughout lifetime. Meta – aramide fiber can be dyed according customer’s needs and basic colours are also available as dopedyed version. Blending with 2 % P 140 (a carbon-core-fiber) guarantees permanent antistatic properties in gas hazardous areas, where static loads may lead to explosion. A good resistance against acids and caustic solutions is another advantage of the fiber.

Kevlar ®

Kevlar ®

Para – aramide fiber from DuPont. The crystallised high tech fiber is five times stronger than steel (compared by weight) and permanently flame retardant. Kevlar® starts degration at 450oC and easily withstands molten iron and glass splashes. Because of its high tear and cut resistance you will find woven and knitted fabrics from Kevlar® in various products. The fields of application starts with protective garmnents and gloves as well as boots, automotive airbags, sealings and conveyor belts and reaches up to bellows for laser cutting tools. Our company’s product range is the leading edge of innovation in Europe and will be exported in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Panox ®

Panox ®

Based on a precursor from modacylic fibers, the original Panox® emerges by carbonisation under high temperatures. The fiber is permanently flame retardent with a limited oxygen index LOI = 48 and easily repells molten splash from steel and glass. Protective garments for workers at blast furnace and foundry are often made from Panox® and often they also use aluminised versions against high radiant heat. But also technical products needs the outstanding heat protection of Panox®. Because of its more or less poor mechanical strength, we often offer blends with 30 % Kevlar® to optimise the properties of both fiber components.

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